Smart Home Audio(284)


The NCT6627UD is member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O series designed for PC applications requiring more than 2 UARTS. The NCT6627UD provides 6 UARTs, each UART including a 16-byte send/receive FIFO, 4 out of 6 UARTs supporting RS485 auto flow control. In addition, it also provides Printer Port, KBC and GPI/O.

The NCT6627UD monitors several critical parameters in PC hardware, including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. Both high accuracy current mode and low cost thermistor temperature sensors are supported. The NCT6627UD also supports the Nuvoton SMART FAN™ I and SMART FAN™ IV algorithms for fan speed control.

The NCT6627UD supports Intel® SST interface to report voltage and temperature data, Intel® PECI to read CPU’s thermal status, and LED control function to indicate system power states.