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The NAU88L25 is an ultra-low power high performance audio codec designed for headphone or headset application in smartphone, tablet PC, Chromebooks, laptop, game controller, Bluetooth headphones and other portable devices. It includes one I2S/PCM interface, one high quality stereo DACs, one mono ADC, a Class G stereo headphone amplifier, and industry leading advanced headset features.

NAU88L25 has powerful headset detection mechanism, which detects jack insertion / ejection, microphone presence, speaker impedance, and up-to 8 user defined buttons with long/short key press debouce circuit. It also supports headphone crosstalk detection/suppression, and automatic microphone & ground detection / switching to work automatically with different audio jack formats without using external chips or components.


  • DAC with auto attenuate : 124dB SNR; without auto mute: 113dB SNR, (A-weighted) @ 0dB gain, 1.8V and -89dB THD @ 20mW and RL= 32Ω, DAC playback to headphone output mode
  • ADC : 101dB SNR (A-weighted) @ 0dB MIC gain, 1.8V, Fs = 48kHz and -91dB THD , 1.8V, MIC gain 0dB, OSR 128x
  • 1 Digital I2S/PCM I/O port
  • Dynamic Range Compressor (DRC)
  • Programmable Biquad filter
  • 1 Headset Mic, 1 Differential Analog Mic input, Line-input, or two single-ended Mic input
  • Class G Headphone Amplifier(28mW @ 32Ω, 1% THD+N)
  • Sampling rate from 8K to 192 KHz
  • Headset Detection & Auto Headset switch for MIC and Ground
  • Jack Insertion and Ejection Detection
  • Distinct Keys Detection
  • Package : 32 Pin QFN package, and Optional 42 Balls WLCSP with 0.4mm Pitch