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The NAU8502 is a low power, high quality audio input system for portable applications.  In addition to precision 24-bit stereo ADCs, this device integrates a broad range of additional functions to simplify implementation of complete audio systems.  The NAU8502 includes low-noise stereo differential high gain microphone inputs with wide range programmable amplifiers, separate line inputs, and an analog bypass/sidetone line level stereo output.

Advanced on-chip digital signal processing includes a limiter/ALC (Automatic Level Control) , 5-band equalizer, notch filter, and a high-pass filter for speech optimization and wind noise reduction.  The digital interface can operate as either a master or a slave.  Additionally, an internal fractional-N PLL is available to accurately generate any audio sample rate clock for the ADCs derived using any available system clock from 8MHz through 33MHz.

The NAU8502 operates with analog supply voltages from 2.7V to 3.6V, while the digital core can operate as low as 1.71V to conserve power.  Internal control registers enable flexible power conserving modes, shutting down or reducing power in sub-sections of the chip under software control.