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The NAU8224 is a stereo high efficiency filter-free Class-D audio amplifier, which is capable of driving a 4Ω load with up to 3.1W output power. This device provides chip enable pin with extremely low standby current and fast start-up time of 3.4ms.  The NAU8224 features a highly flexible 2 wire interface with many useful gain settings. The gain can be selected from 24dB to -62dB (plus mute) by using 2 wire interface and GS pin.

The NAU8224 is ideal for the portable applications of battery drive, as it has advanced features like 87dB PSRR, 91% efficiency, ultra low quiescent current (i.e. 2.1mA at 3.7V for 2 channels) and superior EMI performance. It has the ability to configure the inputs in either single-ended or differential mode.