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Voice/Audio SoC ChipCorder® delivers highly integrated single chip solution ideal for wide range of voice/audio applications in industrial and consumer markets

The ISD9160C is a Cortex™-M0 based SoC ChipCorder providing a powerful yet cost effective solution for applications that require voice/audio features. The highly integrated architecture – 32bit Cortex™-M0 processor, wide operating voltage from 2.4 to 5.5V , I²S digital audio interface, 1 watt speaker driver, built-in flash memory, 3V regulator and multi-funtion GPIO – was designed to provide cost effective voice/audio SoC for consumer and industrial markets. The ISD9160C high compression algorithm achieves more than 50 % compression compared to the ADPCM, resulting in memory size reduction while delivering high quality voice/audio. The embedded flash is for user code and audio storage. The ISD9160C can be using with external flash memory for audio storage to extend the duration.


  • ARM® Cortex™-M0 core runs up to 50 MHz
  • Deep Power Down ( <1µA )
  • Sigma-Delta ADC with PGA and gain boost stage for
    microphone interface. 92dB Signal-to-Noise ( SNR )
  • Audio PWM speaker driver, 1W at 5.5V
  • Analog enabled GPIO ( Port B ) allow connection of
    programmable current source for sensor interface and capacitor