Product Longevity

Product Longevity

Our Track Record in Longevity -- A Reliable Supplier of 8051 MCUs, 32-bit MCUs and Speech ICs for over a Decade

Nuvoton Technology Corporation ("NTC"), a spin-off of the Logic Business Group from Winbond Electronics Corporation, has a long-standing reputation as a reliable supplier of 8051 MCUs, 32-bit MCUs, ISD ChipCorder® and Speech ICs for years. NTC is widely recognized for its full commitment to assuring supply continuity and stability. In addition to introducing innovative products to the customers, it is also our mission to make our 8051 MCUs and NuMicro®, the 32-bit MCUs powered by ARM Cortex®-M available for as long as 10 years.

NTC always strives to provide the best quality of services to the customers, and the product longevity showcases NTC’s commitment and confidence in its long, successful history in the microcontroller business.

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