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Nuvoton Presents PC Total Solution at 2008 Taipei Taitronics Autumn One stop shopping for PC ICs

Nuvoton Technology Corp. is participating in 2008 Taipei Taitronics Autumn Show (Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall) organized by TAITRA and TEEMA Oct.7-11. Nuvoton Technology Corp. was spun off as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp. since July 2008. To inherit the rich pedigree of product design achievements from Winbond, Nuvoton devotes to customers our essential total solutions for Consumer Electronics IC and Computer IC. In Taipei Taitronics Autumn, Nuvoton continues to introduce Nuvoton PC total Solution including:   

  • Nuvoton IO Solution
  • Nuvoton Power Management IC Solution
  • Nuvoton H/W Monitoring IC Solution
  • Nuvoton Clock Generator Solution
  • Nuvoton Front Panel Control Solution

Nuvoton IO Solution

Nuvoton Technology Corporation, a leader in the I/O controller chip market, is pleased to announce the new generation I/Os - “W83627DHG-P” and “W83667HG” which provide not only legacy I/O functions but also several new features for PC platforms.

 Nuvoton has enhanced the performance of system hardware monitoring functions through advanced IC research and design. The device’s dual current-source architecture provides improved temperature measurement accuracy. The fan speed control circuit is suitable for either DC- or PWM-fan. Nuvoton’s patented SMART FAN™ closed-loop fan speed control algorithms are also included. By monitoring temperature, voltage and fan speed and controlling fan speed, Nuvoton’s I/O ensures efficiency and reliability of embedded computer applications.

Nuvoton Power Management IC Solution

After years of development effort, Nuvoton has successfully gained recognition for its series of power management ICs, including ACPI Controllers, DDR Bus Termination Regulators, Linear Regulators and Switching PWM controllers. Nuvoton has a number of successful tier one customer design-ins and the products have been in successful mass-production. Nuvoton’s new power management architecture, “power network”, is an ACPI controller that controls and monitors all external power ICs, including DDR Bus Termination Regulator, Linear Regulator and Switching PWM controller, etc. This new architecture offers customers a modular, accurate, reliable, flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-design solution.

 In addition, with its stable and hi-voltage process providing FAB, Nuvoton serves customers with faster delivery and higher performance solutions.

Nuvoton H/W Monitoring IC Solution

Nuvoton’s Hardware Monitoring IC solutions continue to be customer’s primary choice.  As the PC hardware’s first line of defense, Nuvoton’s Hardware Monitoring series ICs monitor voltage, temperature and fan speed, and control fan speed based on the detected temperature.  The W83795G is the latest Hardware Monitoring IC targeting server applications. It provides a flexible temperature input-fan control pair, SMART FAN™ functionality and complies with the ASF 2.0 specification, which enables the server to remotely control the client’s operating system even when the system is not running. Meanwhile, it also implements INTEL® PECI 2.0 and AMDTM SB-TSI interface. The W83L771AWG series is the pure temperature sensor with the +/- 1℃ accuracy, and is designed for the laptop applications or any temperature measurement applications. Nuvoton’s Hardware Monitoring ICs are designed to meet specific needs of individual applications and provide excellent quality, efficiency and are thus the industry’s most complete suite of solutions for VGA cards, notebooks, servers, desktops, projectors and game consoles.

Nuvoton Clock Generator Solution

Nuvoton’s main board clock generator series ICs are the most flexible frequency solution. They support smooth step-less frequency and skew programming and are also equipped with watch dog timer & auto-reset functions to protect the over-speed system. Thus, Nuvoton’s clock generator ICs implement the selectable asynchronous/synchronous PCI/PCIe output feature for over-clocking in products that go with INTEL® CK505 generation series chipsets. Besides, Nuvoton’s clock generator for INTEL® Eaglelake series provides stable clock output for Serial ATA and implements linear controllable PCI/PCIe frequency to ensure the best working environment for the system.

Nuvoton Front Panel Control Solution

W83960G, a Front Panel Controller, is Nuvoton’s new product. W83960G can drive the LCM display or VFD display through GPIO or SPI, respectively. LCM display and VFD display can act as the system’s auxiliary display panel and show important information on the panel as a reminder to the user. W83960G has built-in 8051 µC, 64KB flash ROM, CIR interface, one UART, GPIO pins, SPI interface and USB1.1 interface used to communicate with South Bridge.

About Nuvoton
Nuvoton Technology Corp. ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp., which spun off the unit in July 2008.  Nuvoton focuses on the development of two main product lines, including consumer electronics ICs and computer ICs.  Nuvoton operates a six-inch wafer fab, and which provides foundry service for the company’s own branded IC products, as well as for selected manufacturing partners.  Nuvoton Technology Corp. has the advantages of core technology and customer relationships, thanks to its Winbond heritage, and continues to enhance product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies.  Based on this foundation, Nuvoton provides superior service to its customers.  Nuvoton will continue to realize its vision: "Be the indispensable partner to industry leaders."

*Note: Nuvoton is a registered trademark of Nuvoton Technology Corp.. All other trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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