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Vol.1 - Aug. 2010
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» Nuvoton is an ARM connected community member - 5/30/2010
  Nuvoton joins ARM connected community as a member.
Explore company and product listings from the ARM Connected Community members segmented by product category, market application, ARM processor supported and other categories. (...More)
» Nuvoton is one of the Cortex-M series leading vendors - 7/1/2010
  Nuvoton is one of worldwide class semiconductor vendors and now is a licensee of ARM Cortex-Mserials. The ARM Cortex™-M processor family is an upwards compatible range of energy-efficient, easy to use processors designed to help developers meet the needs of future embedded applications. These demands include delivering more features at a lower cost, increasing connectivity, better code reuse and improved energy efficiency.(...More)
» Nuvoton New Industrial ICs Group - 7/5/2010
  Nuvoton Web renewed and Microcontrollers are in Industrial ICs. (...More)
» Monthly Free NuMicro™ Family 32-bit MCU Entry Course - 7/28/2010
  Nuvoton offers a regular monthly free NuMicro™ Family 32-bit MCU entry course for those who would like to learn NuMicro™ Microcontrollers.This course is only held in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei at the moment. If you are interested, please contact Nuvoton local agents for details. NuMicro® Family 32-bit MCU Entry Course DM Download: T-Chinese Version, S-Chinese Version(...More)
» ARM Keil RVMDK version 4.11 support NuMicro Family NUC100/120/130/140 - 5/14/2010
  ARM Keil™ announced its’ professional Microcontroller Development Kit MDK-ARM version 4.11 which supports NuMicro™ Family NUC100/120/130/140
Keil development tools for ARM and Cortex-M microcontrollers are easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding embedded applications.(...More)
» 2010 National Sales Meeting - Smashing Success -6/14/2010
  The national Sales meeting began with the evening reception on Monday, June 14th, a warm welcome to all attendees including NuMicro™ Cortex-M0 team from Nuvoton Headquarters Taiwan and 26 people from sales representatives and Nu Horizons.
We packed Tuesday and Wednesday with the management remarks of Nuvoton McU, NuMicro™ product and marketing strategy and detailed product sessions. Management vision and NuMicro™ Cortex-M0 marketing strategy were addressed Tuesday morning, leaving the balance of the national sales meeting devoted to in-depth training and demonstration of NuMicro™ powered by Cortex-M0. (...
» Europe FAE training on NuMicroR Family Great Success - 7/13/2010
  Nuvoton Technology Corporation has held twice the Europe Agents FAE training course to help local representatives, agents, distributors and FAE members to become the frontier service team. This course gained great success from each member's positive feedback and input. Through this training, customers wherever can take advantage of our well trained local FAE to get the best technique supports.(...More)
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