Nuvoton Technology Corp. hosts IPO investor conference today

An indispensible partner to industry leaders.

Taiwan-based logic IC design house Nuvoton Technology Corp. will be listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on September 27; Nuvoton was spun-out as an affiliate of Winbond’s logic business group and formally began operations in July 2008; Nuvoton’s speech IC and computer output/input controller (Super I/O) products stand in the leading position in global market shares. Nuvoton’s revenue for the first half of this year reached NT$4.172 billion, growing 23.38% over last year; net income after tax is NT$475,580 thousand and EPS is NT$2.32, both exceeding an 2009 full-profit-year.

Today in the investor conference, President Hsu of Nuvoton Technology said the core areas of Nuvoton are consumer IC, computer IC, wafer fabrication and foundry services. The most significant difference between Nuvoton and general “Fabless” IC design houses is that Nuvoton owns a 6-inch wafer fab; besides in-house IC products, the wafer fab also provides part of its capacity for foundry services. This wafer fab possesses a number of unique niche processes, including high voltage (700 volts), which can be used in foundry services for emerging products like LED lighting and LED flat panel display.

The IC products of Nuvoton Technology are primarily used in toys, voice recording cards, auto electronics, home safety, home appliances, medical, games, industrial controllers, computer motherboards, and servers; currently the company is developing products in emerging application areas, such as multi-touch screen, voice recognition and e-book. During the conference, Nuvoton Technology also presented the 32-bit microcontroller based on the ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor. This product was first introduced in Asia in January this year, and quickly grabbed the market shares of 8-bit, higher-end 16-bit and lower-end 32-bit with its “Three High, Three Low” cutting edge advantages: high-performance, high-speed, high compatibility; low price, low power, and low cost. This product is expected to become one of the rising products of Nuvoton Technology.

In addition to excellent R&D contributions, Nuvoton Technology also makes best of its core competitive advantages: "customers are strategic partners", "profound system application knowledge and platform technology" and "cross-border synergy of multiple technology integration". In particular, Nuvoton successfully integrates the functions of computer products and consumer electronics, expands the difference with competitors with its analog design capabilities, system innovations and well use of combination of process and design, and also been providing customers with excellent product solutions. Many of its products have successfully switched into international manufacturers and has participated in the development of product specifications with internationally renowned companies as well. Nuvoton presented the voice recognition product which perfectly combines MP3 Decoder and ARM7 SoC controller; this product can be controlled by human voice and play music or stories as the user ‘s request. Some emerging application products developed with strategic partners like learning machines and e-book were also presented in the conference, showing strong potential for future business growth.

Established for nearly two years, Nuvoton Technology has demonstrated excellent performance and has become one of the logic IC industry leaders. In the conference, the corporate investors shared enthusiastic discussions about Nuvoton’s future products and technology development. It is foreseeable that Nuvoton will become the focus of investor’s attention in logic IC industry after listed on TSE.

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