Segger Debug Probe J-link
With up to 3 MBytes/s download speed to RAM and record-breaking flashloaders, as well as the ability to set an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory of MCUs, the J-Link debug probes are  the best choice to optimize your debugging and flash programming experience. The J-Link debug probes are supported by all major IDEs including Eclipse, GDB-based IDEs and SEGGER Embedded Studio.
Segger Trace Probe J-Trace
J-Trace PRO is an advanced debug probe that supports Arm's advanced tracing features of Arm Cortex cores. The most prominent features that make this trace probe the leading trace probe are  Streaming Trace, Unlimited Trace Buffer, Trace support for Cortex-A/R/M target devices, Live Code Coverage, Live Code profiling or Power Trace of target device's current consumption


SEGGER_x63_TeEx_logo SEGGER programmer are supporting Nuvoton MCUs in a whole range.  A fully scalable , high speed programmer product range is available to meet customer needs. From battery driven portable programmer for service engineers in the field to single channel fully integratable  programmer either programming via push button or via Telnet. For efficient production  a SEGGER gang programmer is available for 1 - 10 independent channels.  For sensitive applications, the Flasher Secure is the right approach to protect your IP.  More details
wave_logo_cs2 Wave Technology Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells device programmers. Our technology is utilized for various manufacturing sites on-the-spot. We provide all of device programmer for Nuvoton ARM Cortex™- M0 NuMicro™ Family.
ProSystems is dedicated to provide IC programming solutions to meet customer needs in the fields of programmable IC. Specializing in NuMicro™ device programming. M051, NUC100, NUC120, NUC130 and NUC140 series etc. Click for details.
Specializing in NuMicro™ device programming. Offering all kinds of device programmers, automated programming. Providing device programming service to worldwide customers.
Programming Technology is the agent of Elnec. We provide all of device programmer for Nuvoton ARM Cortex™- M0 NuMicro™ Family Programmer Solution.
MPQ-ARM 4-port In-circuit programmer. Expandable to 64 ports. Standalone, PC-controlled or ATE-controlled. Supporting Nuvoton M05x and NUC1xx M0 Cortex devices.
Xeltek develops and manufactures universal Parallel, ISP, Production and Automated Programmers since 1991. Located in Silicon Valley, Xeltek works closely with neighboring semiconductor companies to build up the largest device library in the industry and provide support for the latest IC chips (i.e. PICs, EEPROM, FLASH, microcontrollers, high density eMMC). Website: EN / CN
Leap was established in 1980, and we have many experiences to offer the best programmers. Our programmers all support many of Nuvoton's ICs with the fastest programming speed among other brands.

Starter Kit

MCBNUC1xx Evaluation Board and Starter Kit
IAR KickStart Kit for Nuvoton NuMicro Family

Development Software (Evaluation Version)

SEGGER Embedded Studio PRO - a full license for free for non commercial use available here. In case of a commercial license, please contact your local distributor or directly Nuvoton. Beside a professional IDE it comprises a full set of middleware, communication stacks as well as operating system embOS (certified to ISO61508 SIL3)



KEIL MDK Nuvoton edition

IAR Embedded Workbench—30-day evaluation edition and kickstart edition


CrossWorks is an exceptional integrated development environment for microcontrollers. It includes a first-class editor, an intuitive project manager, integrated FLASH programming, and a feature-packed debugger.

NuMicro Support Package


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