This solution utilizes the NUC123 series to reaching a printing speed of 90mm per second. It supports RS-232 ports and USB printer class. This solution is also furnished with out-of-paper detection and overheating protection circuits.

>>58mm Micro Thermal printer

This solution utilizes DALI protocol in its lighting control system in order to create a working remote control system that includes initializing, switching lights on and off, and adjustable lighting controls.

>>DALI Protocol Lighting Control System

Nuvoton NuMaker Uni Development Tool adopts the NuMicro Nano102 chip. The NuMicro Nano102 and is embedded with ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and equipped with rich peripherals that can be used to create innovative customer applications.

>>NuMaker Uni

Nuvoton’s wireless charging solution which adopts the Mini55 series conforms to the WPC Qi standard. The Mini55 series is embedded with ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and equipped with rich peripherals that can be used to add further functionality. 

>>Wireless Charger

This package includes a flight control board, a joystick, a 2.4G RF module, and a section board with a Nu-Link-Me emulator that employs Nuvoton's Cortex® -M4 development board. 


Nuvoton's iPhone Lightning Speaker  supports Apple's latest Lightning interface and is compatible with the 30-pin interface as well as Apple's latest communication protocol (iAP2 & iAP1).

>>iPhone Lightning Speaker

The 8x8x8 LED CUBE, featuring low cost and low-power consumption, uses 32 GPIOs to control three-dimensional 8x8x8 LED CUBE display (including 512 LEDs) and brings you a brand-new experience through constantly changing.

>>8x8x8 LED CUBE


The LED display with advantages such as low cost, low-power consumption, easy installment, and easy multiplication is widely used in shopping mall, store, etc. The reference design allows customers to quickly develop the control panel with cost competitiveness.

>>LED Display

The Elevator Control System includes three core applications - elevator system, multimedia image processing, and touch panel. Specifically, the hall call panel and motor control in the elevator system adopt NUC131, the image processing in multimedia advertising display adopts N329, and landing call in the car call touch panel module uses NT0880 8-bit chip to control touch key function.

>>Elevator Control System

The reference design uses common Wi-Fi at home to achieve wireless control through mobile APPs for switch control and timing and scheduling. In addition, advanced APP with UI management for each plug can define each device.


>>Smart Home - Smart Plug

The USB car driving simulator system adopts NUC123 series to simulate real car design with steering wheel, clutch, brakes, and gas pedal operations and realize a USB composite device with USB2.0 endpoint. The system can be used in car driving learning software or racing games. The applications include USB car driving simulator system, USB flight driving simulator system, and USB game controllers.

>>USB Car Driving Simulator System

The reference design for 6-claw robot using NuMicroTM M0518 series can be used in teaching, scientific research, entertainment and a variety of contests. This 6-claw robot has a total of six claws with 3 joints respectively to provide 18 action modes including moving forward, backward, left and right, rotating, dancing and so on. A clamp holder is provided in front of the robot to open, close and catch objects.

>>6-claw Robot



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