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The NUC980 series with the ARM926EJ-S core can operate at up to 300 MHz. It offers 64-pin, 128-pin and 216-pin LQFP packages stacked with 16 MB, 64 MB and 128 MB DDR-II Memory to reduce PCB size and EMI issues. Rich peripherals include 10 sets of UART, dual Ethernet, 4 sets CAN 2.0B, dual SDIO / eMMC interface, NAND Flash interface, QSPI NAND, 8 Ports USB Host, ISO-7816 interface and High-Speed USB 2.0 host / device controller to allow more flexibility in designs. The NUC980 also integrates the crypto engine which provides hardware acceleration for AES, SHA, ECC, RSA  function.
It supports industrial temperature from - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃ and targets Industrial Control, Industrial IoT Gateway, Network Printer, Meter Concentrator and Smart Home Gateway applications.

Key Features:

  - ARM926EJ-S core
  - Operates at up to 300 MHz
  - 16 KB I-cache / 16 KB D-cache
DDR Memory
  - Built-in 16 M / 64 M / 128 MB DDR II Memory
USB 2.0 High Speed Host/Device
  - Up 2 sets USB ports : one USB Host and one USB Host / Device
6 ports USB 1.1 Full Speed Host Lite
System Boot
  - Boot from QSPI NAND, SPI Flash, NAND Flash, eMMC Flash, SD Card or USB Device
20-ch Peripheral DMA Controller
External Bus Interface
Video Input Interface
  - Supports up to 2 Sets CCIR656 / CCIR601 interface
  - Max resolution up to 3 M pixels
SD Host Controller
  - 2 Ports SD Host
  - Supports SD / SDIO / eMMC
  - Supports 12-bit 8 channels ADC
  - 600 k sps
Cryptography Accelerator
  - ECC-256 
  - AES-256
  - RSA-2048
  - SHA-521
  - HMAC
  - Random number generator
  - Supports SPI / I²C / PWM / UART / CAN


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