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The ISD2130 is a digital ChipCorder® featuring digital compression, comprehensive memory management, flash storage, and integrated digital audio signal paths. This family utilizes flash memory to provide non-volatile audio playback with duration up to 30 seconds ( based on 8kHz/4bit ADPCM ) for a single-chip solution.

Unlike the MLS ChipCorder series, the ISD2130 provides higher sampling frequency and a higher SNR of 60dB.

The ISD2130 can take digital audio data via SPI interface. When SPI interface is chosen, the sample rate of the audio data sent must be one of the ISD2130 supported sample rates.

  • Built-in speaker driver output
  • Operating Voltage: 2.7-3.6V
  • Temperature Options:Industrial -40℃ to 85℃


Data Sheet

  • Data Sheet

  • File name Version Update Download
  • ISD2100 Datasheet.pdf 1.8  2014/01/28
  • Software

  • File name Version Update Download
  • ISD-VPE2100 Version 210.0045 For Windows XP 210.0047  2011/09/27
  • ISD-VPE2100 Version 210.0045 For Windows 7 32bit 210.0047  2011/09/27
  • ISD-VPE2100 for Windows7 32bit 210.0047  2013/09/05
  • ISD-VPE2100 for Windows7 64bit 210.0046  2013/09/06
  • Development Tool

  • File name Version Update Download
  • ISD2100-DMK User's Guide 1.0  2016/04/14
  • ISD-ES-MINI-USB User Manual 1.1  2016/04/23
  • User Manual

  • File name Version Update Download
  • ISD API User Manual 1.0  2013/09/19
  • ISD-ES_MINI_USB USB dongle manual Rev 1.0  2016/02/19
  • App Note: Use_Nuvoton_Audio_PA_to_amplify_the_ChipCorder_device_PWM_output 0.1  2013/09/21
  • App Note: Nuvoton_ChipCorder_One-Pin_Control_Implementation_User_Guide 0.2  2013/09/21


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Part No. Check Disty Description Duration Sample Rate(kHz) Voltage Package Temperature Status
ISD2130 Check Disty Multi-message playback-only with embedded flash memory 30 sec Up to 32khz 2.7 to 3.6V QFN20, SOP14 Industrial -40 to 85 ° C Mass Production

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