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The ISD8102/ ISD8104 are a general purpose analog audio amplifier, capable of driving a 4Ω load with up to 2Wrms output power. This device includes output current limiting, chip enable, low standby current and excellent pop-and-click suppression.

Also included is the ability for the inputs to be configured as either single-ended or differential.  Internal resistors set the device gain at 20dB. With external resistors, any gain less than 20dB can be achieved.  The device is unity gain stable, including when used with external feedback resistors and external capacitors as may be optionally used for implementing simple filtering functions.



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  • ISD8102_ISD8104 DataSheet Rev1.2 1.2  Thu Nov 17 23:05:56 CST 2011


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Part No Check Disty Description SNR(dB) Output Power (W) Gain (dB) Standby Current (uA) Operating Voltage (V) Temp ( °C) Development Tools Package
ISD8104 Check Disty 2W Class-AB Audio Amplifier, Differential / Single ended inputs 100 2W into 4Ω at 5V THD+N <10% 20 <1 2 to 6.8 -40 to 85 ISD-DEMO8104 8-Pin SOP (Thermal ex-pad)

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