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Wireless power supply and data transfer solution has been applied to the blender, which allows detection of the bottle temperature. The coreless blender structure makes the bottle much easy to separate and clean. Users can get precise temperature data of the bottle while the motor running in high speed. The solution can be applied to appliances, such as water purifier and rice cooker, which need to be water-proof and detachable.

  • Features
    Wireless power supply and two-way data communication
    Two kinds of architectures make customer’s design flexible
    Microcontroller integrated wireless charging module
    Microcontroller with standalone wireless charging module to save total BOM cost
  • Specifications
    MS51 ( 8 位 1T 8051)
    - Flash up to 32 KB; RAM up to 2 KB
    - Operating voltage: 2.4V ~ 5.5V
    - Operating temperature : -40 ~ 105 °C
    - EFT: 4 KV & ESD HBM up to 8 KV
    - Packages:
  • System Block Diagram


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