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The 3D pedometer is a wearable health-care product, which is built-in a 3-axis accelerometer sensor IC to generate three-dimensional acceleration, direction. It needs to include a microcontroller (MCU) to read data via I²C bus and run an algorithm to measure walking distance, running distance and calculate calories burned and record daily exercise information to analyze personal energy consumption, and data display and storage. The 3D pedometer provides the data upload function to PC, Pad, Smart phone through USB2.0 HID, USB mass storage or BT4.0 BLE communication with App software. Due to the need to run at very low power consumption and long time standby time and powered by battery, the Nano130 series is suitable for 3D pedometer applications. 

The Nano130 series provides high performance and low cost ultra-low power 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 core, runs up to 42 MHz, built-in 32-bit hardware multiplier, low operating voltage 1.8V to 3.6V, Ultra-low power operating mode (<200uA/MHz), Power-down mode (RTC+LCD turn on, RAM retention <10uA and RTC,RAM retention < 2.5uA) , Deep Power-down mode, RAM retention (<1uA) , Flash ROM up to 128 KB and RAM up to 16 KB, High integrated RTC, LCD, 12-bit ADC, 2 MSPS conversion rate, internal RC 12MHz OSC, and USB2.0 full speed device to reduce system BOM cost, rich peripheral I²Cx2 ,SPIx3, UARTx5, Anti-theft lock code bit, 96-bit Unique ID and 128-bit Unique customer ID, strong anti-jamming ability (ESD 8kV, EFT 4kV) .


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