The close-loop controlled Brushless DC Motor reference design is implemented by NuMicro® N76E003 microcontroller and Nuvoton NCT3605 gate driver.

The Brushless DC Motor reference design is equipped with the N76E003 microcontroller and NCT3605 gate driver. The N76E003 generates the 3 phase duty signals (U, V, W) to the gate driver via 6 channels PWM function. The gate driver controls the MOS to drive motor rotation. Because the system is close-loop controlled, once the load changed, the motor speed will calibrate automatically by target speed and real speed. 

Nuvoton Brushless DC Solution

The target motor speed is determined by sensing the voltage of variable resistor through ADC function, and the real motor speed is determined by feedback signals from the hall sensor inside the motor.

The 1T 8051 -based N76E003 runs up to 16 MHz and supports 2.4 V to 5.5 V operating voltage without LDO. The N76E003 is built in with 18 Kbytes Flash (shared with APROM and LDROM; the max LDROM size can be configured as 4 Kbytes), 256 Bytes RAM, and 768 Bytes XRAM. Additionally, the N76E003 is equipped with rich peripherals such as 4 sets 16-bit timers, Watchdog timer, wake-up timer, 2 sets UART, 1 set SPI, 1set I2C, 3 sets complementary PWM / 6 sets single channel PWM, and 8 sets 12-bits ADC.


  • Features
    • NuMicro® 1T 8051 microcontroller, running up to 16 MHz
    • Supports 2.4 V to 5.5 V operating voltage without LDO
    • Supports 3 sets complementary PWM / 6 sets single channel PWM for 3-phase motor controlled
    • Supports 8 sets 12-bits ADC for high resolution variable resistor voltage sensing
    • The close-loop controlled architecture for calibrating motor speed automatically
    • The NCT3605 supports protected function for preventing the upper/lower arm of NMOS from opening at the same time


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