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Many kitchen appliance solutions, such as ovens, are used in our daily lives. An oven is a sealed appliance that it used to bake food or dry products, and can be divided into home used and industrial used. Ovens used in homes are mainly used to heat food whereas the industrial ovens are used to dry products. There are electric ovens and gas ovens, and they are so called roasters or dryers.

Nuvoton kitchen appliance heating solution uses industrial grade operating temperature (-40°C ~105°C) 1T 8051 core MCU with embedded LCD segment display function, able to realize highly integrated and reliable products. This solution can be easily realized in steam/bake/cook-in-one products.

Nuvoton Kitchen Appliance Heating Solution N76E616 N76E616


Solution Features:

  • Being able to perform multifunction matching: Oven, steam oven, steam/bake/cook-in-one, etc.
  • Automatic configuration, detection and control such as timer, temperature adjustment and power adjustment.
  • LCD segment display integrated into the main control
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