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In recent years, with gradual rise of the smart home consciousness,a considerable number of smart appliances emerge, which eventually need to be controlled by a host socket, The current common wireless devices include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.

Therefore, the reference design uses common Wi-Fi at home to achieve wireless control through mobile APPs for switch control and timing and scheduling. In addition, advanced APP with UI management for each plug can define each device.

Nuvoton Nano112 with excellent power consumption (Normal mode: 150uA/MHz; Power-down mode: 0.65uA) is applicable to many smart home devices. The Nano112 is also provided with LCD driver for displaying plug related information (device power consumption and variable voltage values) and works with mobile APP to achieve remote control and scheduling management through a Wi-Fi module.

A common Wi-Fi module can be achieved through UART or SPI interface. Also, the use of PWM capture function to measure received infrared and relevant indicators display can be achieved through Nano112 with ultra-low standby power consumption and lots of peripheral as well as LCD driving capability.


  • Ultra-low power consumption (Normal mode: 150uA/MHz; Power-down mode: 0.65uA)

  • Supports LCD driver (4x36, 6x34)

  • Wi-Fi remote control and Infrared remote control

  • Power consumption display for each plug

  • Voltage adjustment for each plug

  • Supports timing and scheduling management APP

  • Supports plug UI management

Related IC
  • Nano112

  • Current Sensor

  • IR Sensor

  • Wi-Fi module


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