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Wefer Manufacturing

Wefer Manufacturing

Products and Prospects

  • Computer Logic IC for PC
  • Computer Logic IC for IC
  • Computer Logic IC for Server

Nuvoton Technology Corp. produces many kinds of Application Specific ICs (ASICs); with the extension of Winbond’s endeavor over the years, Nuvoton has been devoted to the development of the key chips for PC motherboards, notebook computers and servers, offers complete and multiple Super I/O solutions, and IC components for clock generators, hardware monitoring, power management, TPM security, notebook keyboard control, notebook keyboard controller chip, and integrated baseboard management controller for server. Especially, Super I/O and mobile platform EC products have won us a dominant share in the marketplace. We also actively develop forward-looking technology.

We also launched the first ErP power saving controller for motherboard PC markets ErP for the industry technology leader, and declared the company's green concepts moving forward with the world.

Personal computer is no longer a trendy term in electronic industry nowadays, yet it has become indispensable to modern life, and there is an ever-increasing consumer demand, especially in developing countries, for personal computers with home multimedia capabilities and for portable electronic devices. However, there are still many areas for technological improvement. The demands of information security, improved multimedia functionality and environment-friendliness offer enormous challenges. These areas include:

  • Information security – Trusted Platform Module (TPM), both as a stand-alone device and incorporated into advanced chips that support MicrosoftR Vista?
  • MicrosoftR SideShow? technology – provides a secondary TFT-LCD display for laptops
  • Energy saving, low power consumption of the related technology
  • Cloud computing market

Our Competitive Advantage

Nuvoton carries on Winbond’s leading place in the global computer logic IC market over the years and retains the establishment of long-term partnerships with top-rank international manufacturers of boards and computers. We frequently collaborate with the major players in the PC industry to find multiple, total and saving-power solutions for consumers to use on new generation PC platforms. With the saving-power and protection-environment required more than the past, our product research and development in the power control is more active, our 6-inch fab is also suitable for the production of such products, replacements are lower than competitors for future products. As we have cultivated in the field of computer logic ICs for many years and have accumulated experiences with a wide range of technology, we are able to integrate development experiences and technology of different product lines to create efficient accomplishments as a result of diversified personal computers.

Nuvoton has collaborated with many international companies in the past. In addition, our highly efficient and service has won acclaim from top-rank international companies. Being able to prolong first-class design and development capabilities in computer logic ICs, Nuvoton is the best choice of partnership for top-rank international companies.

The business group has design centers in Hsinchu Science Park (Taiwan) and Israel.

Do you want to become a world-leading designer? Would you like to find your own brainchild when you look inside your friend's PC? If so, Nuvoton's Computer Business Group is your best choice. More Product Information

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