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Customer Service and Supplier Management

Customer Service and Supplier Management

Nuvoton values its long-term partnership with its customers and suppliers, and is committed to continuously innovating its products, manufacturing processes, and services. In order to meet customer demand for quality, we implement quality management through quality control, reliability assurance, and failure analysis. We also conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. For supplier management, Nuvoton has always viewed its suppliers as long-term partners. We actively require suppliers to pay attention to corporate social responsibility issues and enforce corporate social responsibility.

Supply Chain Management Strategy

Since its inception, Nuvoton has always considered its suppliers as long-term partners towards achieving the common goal of establishing a stable semiconductor supply chain. In recent years, Nuvoton has been committed to the local production of raw materials for the purpose of reducing transportation costs, diversifying risk, and reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, Nuvoton hopes to increase employment opportunities by cultivating local production. In 2019, the proportion of raw materials purchased in local areas was 26.4%, up 2.0% from 2018. However, due to industrial limitations, Nuvoton will still maintain close relationships with local suppliers in the future, while striving to reduce overall costs and risks together by achieving win-win situations. Localized procurement is an important strategy for Nuvoton when choosing suppliers.



Supply Chain Management

Nuvoton stands firm in its commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility. In addition to the factors of quality, delivery, and price, Nuvoton also takes the following approaches to managing its suppliers in order to confirm that the labors, ethics, environment, management systems, health, and safety of suppliers meet the latest regulations, so we can fulfill our corporate social responsibility vision of “providing a sense of safety, reassurance, and empathy”.

  • In addition to complying with industrial safety and environmental protection requirements, Nuvoton also requires suppliers to focus on promoting CSR together.
  • Based on principles for the protection of human rights, Nuvoton pays close attention to the issue of conflict minerals. For the raw materials in its production processes, Nuvoton is committed to avoiding the use of minerals obtained from illegal mining operations that stand in violation of human rights.
  • Nuvoton pays close attention to how labor rights are respected throughout its supply chain, and requires suppliers to comply with the laws of the countries they operate in and relevant international industry practices, including Code of Conduct by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) as well as any subsequent changes or amendments.
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