ESG Statement

ESG Commitment

Nuvoton is committed to working with all of our stakeholders through the principles of “fairness, justice, and integrity”, while maintaining good channels of communication and complying with all international and domestic regulations. Under the mission of achieving “sustainable operations” and “improvement through innovation”, we seek to fulfill our corporate social responsibility vision of “providing a sense of safety, reassurance, and empathy”.

ESG Policy Statement

  • Comply with applicable laws of the government and related international standards.
  • Operate business with integrity, and prohibit bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement.
  • Do not offer or accept any improper benefits, and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Emphasize corporate governance, and disclose corporate information in accordance with applicable laws without misrepresentation of conditions or practices.
  • Observe the principles of integrity, fair trade, and do not use exaggeration in advertising and marketing.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment in the workplace.
  • Implement the practice of “Customs-Traders Partnership Against Terrorism” (known as C-TPAT) in daily operations.
  • Observe of the rights of the workers according to standards recognized by related international codes, do not employ juniors below the age of 15, and do not use involuntary labor (including forced, bonded, debt bondage, indentured, slavery or trafficking of persons).
  • Protect all employees with equal rights and privileges and without favoritism.
  • Prohibit harassment of employees (including potential employees), and do not engage in discrimination, coercion or inhuman treatment.
  • Protect the environment and do not use prohibited substances in manufacturing processes.
  • Observe environmental protection laws and policies.
  • Respect intellectual property rights and protect information related to our business partners.
  • Request all suppliers observe applicable laws and value corporate social responsibility.
  • Do not use any “Conflict Minerals” (Mineral sources from countries engaging in labor exploitation) and request that all suppliers use the same practice.

Intellectual Property Management Plan and Implementation Status 

pdficonIntellectual Property Management Plan and Implementation Status (Traditional Chinese)

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