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CSR Report

CSR Report

In 2014, Nuvoton voluntarily issued its first CSR report to practice corporate social responsibility. We started to regularly issue CSR reports in 2016, providing stakeholders with Nuvoton’s efforts and performance in regard to the economy, environment, and society. At the same time, Nuvoton also publishes its report on the CSR area of the company website to establish a transparent and effective channel of communication for all stakeholders.

The framework and guidance of this report are based on an analysis of concerns held by Nuvoton’s stakeholders, as well as issues considered to be significant during the period covered by this report. We have prepared this report in accordance with the latest GRI Standards released by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to expose the performance results and management guidelines of the issues at hand. This report has commissioned an independent third party impartial unit, “SGS Taiwan Ltd.”, to verify that the content complies with GRI Standards Core Option and AA1000AS TYPE 1 Assurance Engagement.

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