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Occupational Health and Safety

Nuvoton’s environment, safety, and health policies are committed to complying with progressive international standards for safety, sanitation, environmental protection, and health. It promises to provide and maintain a work environment that complies with all regulations suitable for its business operations, and continually improve to eradicate any foreseeable risks that may cause illness or harm to personnel, environmental pollution, or property loss. Possible loss and hazard can be prevented with comprehensive management and active participation of all employees.

Establishing a Safety First Culture

To Nuvoton, ensuring zero occupational accidents and promoting health are obligatory responsibilities. We are actively establishing and promoting our culture of environmental protection, safety, and health: “Before engaging in any activity, service, or production, environmental protection, safety, and health concerns must be considered first.” Monthly inspections of employee working conditions are conducted by department heads and engineers, while encouraging employees to actively identify potential risks. Then, through negotiation and discussion, safer methods of operation are established to prevent potential dangers. Along with staffs, various levels of management would then hold a meeting to examine and follow-up on improvements, implementing environmental protection, safety, and health management and communication measures.In 2017 managers and supervising engineers performed a larger amount and more extensive inspections than previous years, and found 2,556 cases of safe or unsafe behavior, an increase of 499 from the 2,057 found in 2016, demonstrating an increased emphasis on the finding of unsafe workplace behavior.


Operation Safety Observation Process Flow Chart


Establishment of Safety and Health Committee” to Implement Communication Mechanisms

Nuvoton Technology has established a company-wide “EHS and Risk Management Committee”. Chaired by the General Manager of Nuvoton, 10 employees representing each company unit have a seat on the committee, who make up 77% of the total number of 13 committee members. Quarterly meetings are held to discuss daily health and safety management issues and to promote occupational EHS, employee health management, environmental protection and damage prevention, regulatory compliance, continuous improvement programs, and other issues, as well as to implement EHS communication.

Management of Vendors and Operational Security Control

Regarding the management of vendors and operational security control, we have established clearly defined all safety, health and environmental protection protocol for vendors during visits to the foundry. Requirement of construction safety license applications allow for the management of construction operations and risks. Vendors are further required to have received relevant training or education, or be notified of the risk factors and the rules relevant to the risks and safety measures of the operating environment. Vendors must also take additional work safety precautions and strengthen emergency response procedures. These measures are combined with routine inspections and the adoption of mobile management to fully carry out safety policies. For the management of high risk operations, special management and control measures have been implemented. Performance of high risk operations including hot work, lifting and lowering of heavy materials and objects, working with limited space, working above ground level, drainage or handling of special gasses or chemicals, demolition, and other such operations require on-site authorization to ensure the safety of workers at each of the job stations as well as to avoid environmental impact.

Contractor Education and Training Results for 2017: Classes held: 76 /Attendees: 379 

Changes in Management System

Concerning any changes in management, the most crucial element is to fully inform everyone about these changes at an early stage. Therefore, Nuvoton requests that all units not only take the initiative of reporting changes in information, but also establish procedures for applying for changes and identifying sample materials, a Process Change Review Board, procurement, and other management systems to effectively control changes in information. The safety and health management departments and relevant units must complete preliminary risk and impact assessments. If new items are added or changes are made to the results of the assessment which escalate the risk or impact, the relevant precautions must then be taken. After confirming that the necessary precautions have been implemented, if any additional operational controls are derived from the changes, then the necessary amendments to the relevant rules and personnel license training must be completed.

Employee Training and Emergency Response Management

Besides promoting safety and sanitation activities, Nuvoton also places emphasis on safety and sanitation training, strengthening risk recognition abilities in employees and promoting damage prevention knowledge, as well as emergency management skills. Cultivation of emergency management abilities and safety concepts may efficiently prevent occupational hazards; furthermore, Nuvoton conducts drill plans against possible accidents and ensures that all employees are familiar with the protocols of alarming, situation controls, first aid, disaster recovery equipment operation and support.

2017 Safety and Sanitation Education and Training Performance:Classes Held:94 /Attendees:3735

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