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Nuvoton Technology has always regarded employees as our most important asset, and strives to attract new applicants by providing competitive compensation and benefits, comprehensive education and training, and a comfortable and safe working environment. Nuvoton is in full compliance with the rules of the Labor Standards Act, and abides by the labor rights provisions of the EICC Code of Conduct. When hiring new employees, it does not employ people under the age of 15 or involuntary workers (such as those by coercion, mortgage, debt, indentured servitude, enslavement or human trafficking). Nuvoton further ensures that all employees enjoy equal rights without discrimination, and that the Company shall not unlawfully discriminate against any employees or prospective employees for reasons such as ethnicity or nationality, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political stance, corporate background, veteran status, protected genetic information, or marital status.

Employee Benefits

Nuvoton Technology employee salaries are in compliance to the minimum wage rules of the Labor Standards Act, and the salaries of the lowest paid direct employees are at least 1.2 times higher than the minimum stipulated by the Labor Standards Act. In order to provide employees with a workplace in which they can develop both mentally and physically in a balanced manner, we implemented a pre-planned vacation management system to assist employees in planning their vacations. And we also actively remind employees to take adequate vacation time as to promote the concept of healthy work environment. In terms of benefits, Nuvoton provides insurance and pension benefits that are in compliance with local laws and regulations across the globe. Nuvoton further provides group insurance benefits that are above and beyond the requirements of the law to ensure the work and life safety of its employees. To encourage marriage and birth rates, we provide designated expectant mother priority parking spaces, lactation rooms, maternity gift packets, maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, marriage leave, and a cash gift from the employee welfare committee for each birth.

Comprehensive Retirement Policy

To promote a service culture and ensure the quality of life after retirement of our employees, Nuvoton has formulated an Employee Retirement Management Plan that is in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. The Plan sets forth the conditions for retirement, payment criteria, and application procedures. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Nuvoton has further established a retirement fund supervision committee. In accordance with the 1st provision of Article 56 of the Labor Standards Act, the Company shall on a monthly basis appropriate funds to an employee retirement fund at the Bank of Taiwan. The amount to be appropriated shall be in accordance with provision 2 of Article 56 of the Labor Standards Act where the balance of the retirement fund shall be assessed and funds shall be appropriated to make up for the difference according to the annual number of employees expected to meet retirement conditions. In addition, with accordance to the above law, for employees meeting the conditions for retirement, 6% of their total monthly wages shall be appropriated into individual Bureau of Labor Insurance Labor Pension Funds.

Learning and Development

Nuvoton exists in a highly competitive environment. To elevate the overall quality of our human resources, we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of training opportunities, which help the continuous development of professional skills. We arrange annual training programs according to the needs of our employees and the results of performance reviews. These programs include:

  • New employee training courses: help new employees adapt quickly to the Company, obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform assigned duties, become a part of company culture, increase corporate loyalty and employee retainment rates, and provide any other necessary on the job training.
  • Management skills training: training for transition into management positions using simulation and reenacting of different scenarios, rethinking research and development management, and creating corporate management benchmarks.
  • Common management training: company mission, company culture, company values, client satisfaction, quality, safety and health, environmental protection.
  • Professional techniques training: Marketing/sales, research and development projects, financial management, import/export and purchasing, information technology and etc.
  • Operative employee training: job station skills training.
  • Quality management training: QCC courses, 8D problem solving methods.
  • Workplace safety training: fire safety drill.

In 2017, Nuvoton Technology provided a total of 19,488 hours of training to its employees, with a total employee attendance of 12,946 attendees. The average duration of training per employee was 14.01 hours. 


In order to comply with the requirements of laws, regulations and company policies, we arrange universal basic training. The training, for which all employees are required to attend, includes content about the company's vision and mission, corporate culture and values, corporate social responsibilities, customer satisfaction, quality management, environmental, safety and health requirements (including environmental protection, fire drills etc.) and other courses, and the course content does not vary across employee hierarchy or departmental function. Included within this training, in order to promote the philosophy of "being a good corporate citizen" and with the expectation that employees can implement this philosophy in their daily work, the Company will arrange new employees to take Corporate Social Responsibility related courses such as the “CSR Code of Conduct” and “How to Do Business with Integrity”. In 2016, a total of 3,008 employees completed CSR-related courses, accounting for 100% of all employees.



A LOHAS Work Culture

In order to create a "work happily, live seriously" LOHAS workplace culture, members of the LOHAS group diligently planned many different kinds of activities, including celebrity keynote lectures (Li Shuang-Qing, Julian Baggini, Lu Su-Wei), music appreciation lectures, eco-environment parent-child educational activities, and a cross-divisional five-events competition. In addition, LOHAS points cards were made and handed out to each employee to encourage participation in each event, assisting employees to create a healthy work-life balance.




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