FAQ No.:0000008  Issue Date:Tue Feb 10 00:00:00 CST 2015

How many Timer controllers are there in the NuMirco™ family?

There are up to 4 sets of 32-bit Timer controllers in a chip of NuMicro™ family, but it depends on the part number. Timer and PWM timer is independent of selecting the clock source. Hence, user can also use the Systick and the PWM Timer (if PWM Timer enabled but the PWM output disabled) as the Timer.

Products: M051 Base Series , M0518 Series , Mini51 Base Series , Nano100/102 Base Series , Nano110/112 LCD Series , Nano120 USB Series , Nano130 Advanced Series , NUC029 Series , NUC100/200 Advanced Series , NUC120/122/123/220 USB Series , NUC130/230 CAN Series , NUC131 CAN Series , NUC140/240 Connectivity Series , M451 Base Series , M451M Series , M452 USB Series , M453 CAN Series , NUC442/472 Series , NUC505 Series
Function: System Timer (SysTick) , Timer


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