FAQ No.:0000006  Issue Date:2015-02-09

What series in the NuMicro™ family support the RTC (Real Time Clock) controller? Does it need to use the independent power to work?

The NUC100, NUC200, Nano100 and NUC442/NUC472 Series support the RTC controller, but other series do not. The power of RTC controller shares with the power of whole chip for the most chips in NuMicro™ family. Once a chip is powered off, the RTC will work incorrectly when the chip is powered on again.

Nevertheless, the NUC200, M451, NUC505 and NUC442/NUC472 Series have the VBAT pin for supplying the power to RTC to keep it working when the chip is powered off.

Products: Nano100/102 Base Series , Nano110/112 LCD Series , Nano120 USB Series , Nano130 Advanced Series , NUC100/200 Advanced Series , NUC120/122/123/220 USB Series , NUC130/230 CAN Series , NUC140/240 Connectivity Series , M451 Base Series , M451M Series , M452 USB Series , M453 CAN Series , NUC442/472 Series , NUC505 Series
Function: RTC
Keyword: VBAT


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