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The NUC900 series based on the ARM® ARM926EJ-S core integrates 8 KB I-cache/D-cache and provides rich features such as Ethernet MAC, LCD Controller, 2D Graphics Acceleration Controller, and High-Speed USB 2.0 Controller to meet customer requirement for high performance and low power applications.

Target Application:

HMI, Elevator Control, Treadmill Control, Fingerprint Recognition, IP CAM, etc.

Key Features:

• Core

   - ARM 926 EJ-S core

   - 200 MHz

   - 8 KB I-cache/D-cache


   - Supports SDRAM, NOR Flash, SRAM 
and external I/O device

   - Up to 256 MB memory size

• High-speed USB 2.0 Controller

   - Up to two USB ports with one
USB Host and oneUSB  Host/
Device (Transceiver is shared)

   - Six configurable endpoints

• System Boot

   - Boot from NAND Flash, SPI
Flash, NORFlash, or
USB Device


• 10/100M Ethernet MAC with RMII


   - RGB 565/RGB 666/ RGB 888
input signals

   - Max resolution of 1024x600

• SD Host Controller

   - SD, SDIO, MMC and Memory
Stick Card

   - Two embedded 512 bytes
internal buffers


   - 4-wire resistive touch screen




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