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The N32915U3DN is specially designed for accelerating video stream decoding performance while off-loading the CPU to save power consumption. It is embedded H/W video decoder to deliver high-quality video playback in different formats, like H.264 / MPEG-4 / H.263.

The N32915U3DN is built on the ARM926EJ-S CPU core and integrated with video encoder, JPEG codec, CMOS image sensor interface, Sound Processing Unit (SPU) , ADC, DAC, and TV encoder for meeting various kinds of application needs while saving the BOM cost. The combination of ARM926 @ 300MHz, DDR2, H/W video decoder, and USB2.0 HS Device makes the N32915U3DN the best choice for high performance media processing devices.

The N32915U3DN also integrates an AES cipher/de-cipher cryptography engine for stream protection considerations.  The stream stored in SD card, SPI NOR Flash, or NAND Flash is encrypted. It is decrypted when the stream is read back and decrypted for playback.

The N32915U3DN is ported with Linux OS to leverage the driver availability of emerging functionalities, like Wi-Fi connectivity. On the other hand, the open source code environment also gives the product development more flexibility. Moreover, hybrid platform is introduced to best utilize the performance advantage at native C programming while enjoying the inherent benefit at application firmware/software development.

Maximum resolution for the N32915U3DN is D1 (720x480) @ TV output and 800x600 @ TFT LCD panel. With increasing popularity of the application image resolution, the N32915U3DN is the best fit for the application that requires fast turn-around time of development. The N32915U3DN is well-positioned in the cost effective & high performance media player market where video streams are extensively used.

To reduce system complexity while cutting the BOM cost, the N32915U3DN is particularly designed with the 128-pin SLQFP MCP (Multi-Chip Package) . For N32915U3DN, the 16Mbitx16 DDR2 chip is stacked inside the MCP to ensure higher performance, lower power consumption and to minimize the system design efforts, like EMI and noise coupling.

The N32915U3DN is incorporated with a reliable Linux OS kernel and Board Support Package (BSP) to help customers shorten the design cycle time. The fast booting time (under 3 seconds) , from power on to application running, is another extra feature to help eliminate power consumption.


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