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The NCT7718W is an SMBus based temperature sensor with one local and one remote sensor input. The remote temperature sensor input can be connected to a thermal diode or transistor such as 2N3904 and the internal 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter can provide temperature measurements with  0.125℃ resolution.

Additionally, the NCT7718W provides hardware thermal alert and system shutdown via ALERT# and T_CRIT# pin.

The NCT7718W is a high precision, low-power IC specifically designed for the PC, Notebook, and Embedded market.


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  • NCT7718W Datasheet (Nuvoton thermal sensor) 1.1  2014/03/17


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Part No. Check Disty Package Status Green/ RoHS System Interface On-chip Thermal Sensor Remote Thermal Sensor Inputs Voltage Monitor Inputs Fan Tachometer Inputs Fan Speed Control Outputs Operation Voltage and Package PECI
NCT7718W Check Disty MSOP8 Mass Production RoHS SMBus Y 1 N N N 3.3V N

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