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MaxxAudio® Algorithms on A Chip

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Considered as the worlds most advanced power amplifier to date, which integrates a clean 25W/50W (RMS/peak) powerstage and the full set of MaxxAudio® DSP in a single affordable package. Designing an audio device with deep bass, clear vocals, immersive stereo field and maximized overall volume, has never been easier. It runs both small hand held device (power limited) as well as big screen TV's, thanks to a wide voltage railing capability.

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  • NPCA110B product brief 1.0  Mon Feb 13 09:57:02 CST 2012
  • NPCA110D product brief 1.0  Mon Feb 13 10:00:52 CST 2012
  • NPCA110P product brief 1.1  Mon Feb 13 09:58:28 CST 2012
  • NPCA110T product brief 1.0  Mon Feb 13 09:59:09 CST 2012
  • NPCP215F (PowerMaxx) Product Brief 2.0  Thu Jun 22 15:28:25 CST 2017
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  • MaxxAudio DSP Control Software Installer  Fri Mar 09 10:29:18 CST 2018


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Product Check Disty Status I2S Stereo Inputs ADC Stereo Inputs I2S Output 2 x Stereo DAC Single Output Package Bass Eq Stereo Treble Volume Level Dialog Sub- Woofer
NPCA110B Check Disty P 1 2 1 2 32QFN Y Y - - Y - - -
NPCA110D Check Disty P 3 0 3 0 32QFN Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
NPCA110P-M Check Disty P 2 3 3 4 40QFN Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
NPCA110T Check Disty P 3 0 3 3 32QFN Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
NPCP215F(Power-amp) Check Disty None P 3 0 0 Speaker Out 48QFN Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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