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The NAU8402 is a high quality 24-bit stereo DAC with 2Vrms analog output capability.  This device includes an integrated charge pump enabling true ground referenced outputs and full 5.6Vpp output levels, while operating from only a single 3.3V supply voltage. Additionally, the NAU8402 includes automatic pop/click elimination features and high immunity to power supply and other system noise.  This enables fast and efficient system integration while minimizing external component costs.  

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  • NAU8402 Datasheet Rev 1.62 1.62  2015/01/23


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Part number Check Disty Description # of ADC # of DAC SNR (dB) ADC SNR (dB) DAC THD (dB) ADC THD (dB) DAC Sample Rate (kHz) Audio Format CTRL IF Analog/ Digital (V) Package (mm)
NAU8402 Check Disty Stereo DAC with 2Vrms Output 0 2 - 98 - -82 8 to 96 I2S N/A 3.0 to 3.6 1.7 to 3.6 TSSOP-16

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