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The NAU8220 is a high quality 2Vrms analog input and output line driver. This device includes an integrated charge pump enabling true ground referenced inputs and outputs and full 5.6Vpp output levels, while operating from only a single 3.3V positive supply voltage.

Additionally, the NAU8220 includes pop/click elimination features and high immunity to power supply and other system noise. This enables fast and efficient system integration while minimizing external component costs.


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Part No Check Disty Description SNR(dB) Output Power (W) Gain (dB) Standby Current (uA) Operating Voltage (V) Temp ( °C) Development Tools Package
NAU8220 Check Disty 2Vrms Line Driver 108 0.003 N/A <1 3.0 to 3.6 -40 to 85 NAU8220WG-EVB SOP-14 TSSOP-14

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