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Nuvoton Introduces the First One Battery Speech IC Solution 

Hsinchu , Taiwan – May/10/2010 – Nuvoton Introduces N584Lxxx series, the first Speech Synthesizer in one battery driving solution for toy industry applications. The N584Lxxx is designed to solve the problem that limited space is available to accommodate a number of batteries. N584Lxxx dramatically reduces the consumption of batteries in toy industry to reach the goal of green energy.

The operation voltage of N584Lxxx ranges from 1.0 to 1.8V that is suitable for one battery application. Meanwhile, a 4bit uC is built-in to implement multi-tasking applications and provides 8 I/O pins via Ultra I/O™ function to drive LEDs with high resolution fading effect as well. 2 I/O of them have higher sink capability to drive external LEDs directly without extra amplify component to save BOM cost. N584Lxxx also provides carrier of 38KHz for IR application.

For voice output, N584Lxxx offers a PWM with 9-bit resolution to drive speaker directly. In addition, via 5-bit MDPCM algorithm makes tone have more exquisite quality. N584Lxxx also provides dual tone melody and mixer device to playback voice and melody simultaneously.

N584Lxxx series has three items with different durations (20sec, 30 sec, 40 sec) for various demands, including N584L020, N584L030 and N584L040. Besides, Nuvoton provides complete development tools with source level debugging as well as high level language to help customers develop new projects in a more efficient way.

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Nuvoton Technology Corp. was established in July 2008 as an affiliate of Winbond Electronics Corp.. Nuvoton focuses on the development of two main product lines, including consumer electronics ICs and computer ICs. Nuvoton operates a six-inch wafer fab, that provides foundry service for the company's own branded IC products, as well as for selected manufacturing partners.

Nuvoton Technology Corp. has the advantages of core technology and customer relationships from over 20 years’ experience in IC design, manufacturing and product sale. Based on everlasting enhancement in product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies, Nuvoton provides superior service to its customers. Nuvoton will continue to realize its vision: "Be the indispensable partner to industry leaders." In line with the value Nuvoton places on its long-term relationship with its partners and customers, the company has established subsidiaries in the USA, China and Israel to strengthen regional customer support, service and global management. For more information, please visit

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