Nuvoton Technology Delivers New 32-bit Low Power Touch Key Microcontroller – The NuMicro® M4TK Series

Hsinchu, Taiwan2016/5/23-Nuvoton Technology Corp., a leading microcontroller (MCU) manufacturer delivers the 32-bit Low Power Touch Key Microcontroller – the NuMicro® M4TK series. Embedded with 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F core and integrated with touch keys, the M4TK series simplifies touch circuit design, reduces product size and cost, and increases system stability. It supports 16 capacitive sensing touch keys and is fully compliant to the NuMicro® M451 series. The capacitive sensing touch keys consume only 6μA of electricity at 10 Hz per key. In addition to being able to detect the differentiation in capacitance beneath 5mm of acrylic material, the touch keys sensitivity can also operate normally when held beneath 10mm of glass.

Through different configurations in combination of buttons, sliders, and wheels, the NuMicro® M4TK MCUs can be used in various applications such as the digital locker, instrument control board, and smart appliance dashboard. The M4TK inherits the high immunity (ESD 8KV, EFT 4KV) and industrial operating temperature (-40℃-105℃) of the NuMicro® M4 family and is suitable for all kinds of high performance sophisticated applications which needs to integrate capacitive sensing touch keys. The M4TK is suitable for industrial control, automation system, surveillance, car infotainment, digital power, etc.

The NuMicro® M4TK series is equipped with high performance computing capability running up to 72 MHz, built-in 256/128 Kbytes Flash ROM, and 32 Kbytes SRAM. It supports up to 5 set of UARTs, 3 set of SPIs, 2 set of I2Cs, 22.1184 MHz internal RC oscillator (variation < ±2%) and auto-calibration mechanism for 32.768 kHz external crystal oscillator (variation < ±0.25%) at -40˚C to 105˚C and 2.5V to 5.5V. The 5V tolerance of I/O input design of the M4TK series significantly enhances system integration ability and stability. The specially designed VAI (Voltage Adjustment Interface) system supports voltage level shift for individual I/O (1.8V-5.5V) to save additional cost on level shift components.

With a variety of additional features such as high-resolution 144 MHz PWM, trigger ADC, built-in hardware brake protection and pulse capture functions, the M4TK series can save MCU computing burden and effectively carry out advanced computing required by motor control, making it exceptionally outstanding in industrial automation and motor control performance. In the aspect of chipset security Nuvoton has designed a stronghold for the M4TK series, such as the Flash safety lock, tamper detection pin, 96-bit UID and 128-bit UCID, to provide multiple protection for program development. The M4TK series is specifically suitable for high-performance and high-precision applications, such as industrial control, system automation, security surveillance, autotronics and digital power control.

Development Tool
Nuvoton provides easy-to-use intuitive GUI touch key software for the configuration of NuMicro® M4TK series. No coding is needed during configuration and parameter setting of Touch Key sensitivity.

The NuMicro M4TK series is in mass production and offers LQFP48, LQFP64, and LQFP100 package types for various applications.

NuMicro® M4TK Product Details

To make a purchase, please find your local distributor, or visit the Nuvoton Direct online store:

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