Nuvoton Introduces New Cortex®-M0 MCU NUC029 Series for Industrial Control Applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan-2019/03/04-The NuMicro® NUC029 series is a 32-bit microcontroller product designed for industrial control applications. It is based on Arm® Cortex®-M0 core with wide range of operation voltage 2.5 ~ 5.5 V. The NuMicro® NUC029 series provides robust noise immunity and strong ESD robustness ( EFT 4.4 kV / ESD HBM 7 kV ),  operates at industrial grade temperature range from - 40 °C to + 105 °C. Besides, the NuMicro® NUC029 series also integrates with fast calculation, stability, connectivity and reliability functions.

The NuMicro® NUC029 series has 12 members, including value line such as NUC029FAE / TAN / ZAN / NAN / LAN, rich peripheral and high speed PWM members such as NUC029LDE / SDE, USB crystal-less members such as NUC029LEE / SEE and high performance members with 256 KB flash / 20 KB SRAM such as NUC029LGE / SGE / KGE. It runs from 24MHz ~ 72 MHz with  16 KB ~ 256 KB embedded Flash and 2 KB ~ 20 KB embedded SRAM. The package types of the NuMicro® NUC029 series include TSSOP20( 4.4 mm x 6.5 mm ), QFN33( 4 mm x 4 mm ), QFN33( 5 mm x 5 mm ), QFN48( 7 mm x 7 mm ), LQFP48 ( 7 mm x 7 mm ) to LQFP64 ( 7 mm x 7 mm ) and LQFP128( 14 mm x 14 mm ).

The NuMicro® NUC029 series for industrial control applications supports high-precision internal RC oscillation ( 22.1184 MHz ± 2 % ). The frequency deviation can further be reduced within ± 0.25 % by the aid of automatic calibration using external crystal ( 32.768 KHz) in full temperature and voltage range. The NuMicro® NUC029 series supports wide supply voltage from 2.5 V ~ 5.5 V, built-in VAI ( Voltage Adjustable Interface ) to support the 2nd I / O voltage from 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V to save level shifter components while connecting to external devices. In addition, the I / O supports up to 5 V tolerance to significantly enhance system stability and anti-interference ability. The NuMicro® NUC029 series is equipped with plenty of peripherals such as up to 8 sets of UARTs, 5 sets of SPI, 5 sets of I²C, hardware divider, multiplier, analog comparators, high-resolution 144 MHz PWM, 1 MSPS ADC, built-in pulse acquisition to save  microcontroller computing power, effectively achieving high-level calculations of industrial control applications such as industrial automation and motor control. For chip security, the NuMicro® NUC029 series offers 96-bit UID ( Unique Identification ) and 128-bit UCID ( Unique Customer Identification ) in order to protects customer Intellectual property.

The NuMicro® NUC029 series for industrial control applications is suitable for a wide range of high performance applications, such as industrial control applications, automation system, surveillance and digital power supply systems.

NuMicro® NUC029 Series Product Information

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