IoT Security Joint Webinar presented by Arm & Nuvoton



Today, more and more devices across our homes, cities, and workplaces are becoming connected. When a device becomes connected, security must be considered from the ground-up to protect systems, networks, and data from a range of attacks and a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities. But, how can you ensure your IoT device is secure?
The Nuvoton’s M2351 microcontroller brings a new level of trust and security to embedded systems. At the heart of the MCU, is the Arm TrustZone enabled Arm Cortex-M23 processor providing hardware-enforced isolation between the Trusted and the Non-trusted resources in the device.
Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to develop secure embedded applications from a software developer's perspective on the NuMicro M2351
  • How to simplify IoT security with the TrustZone enabled, Cortex-M23 processor
  • How to use software components, such as Trusted Firmware for Cortex-M (TF-M) and CMSIS to efficiently tackle common challenges
  • How to apply the approach on real target hardware from Nuvoton, using CMSIS-Zone for setting up the Secure/Non-secure partitions on the NuMicro M3251
  • How to create a smart authentication application that uses TF-M to secure credentials
  • How to use Keil MDK for embedded software development
➟ Discover Arm TrustZone technology:


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