2019 Nuvoton Industrial IoT/ Smart Home Applications Seminar and Product Launch (Korea)


  • 2019-04-24~2019-04-24
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  • 4/24 Coex
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  • 4/24 Conference room E

Nuvoton Technology Corporation, a leading microcontroller platform provider, will host the very first “Industrial IoT/ Smart Home Applications Seminar and Product Launch” at Seoul, Korea on April 24th. In this year, Nuvoton will release more than a hundred new products: the latest series of microcontrollers with 8051, Cortex®-M0/ M4/ M23, and ARM9 cores. Nuvoton’s newly launched microcontrollers include MS51, ML51, M031, M251, NUC029, M2351, and NUC980 series with a wide range of variations: cores from 8 bits to 32 bits, system frequency from 23 MHz to 400 MHz, Flash from 8 KB to 512 KB, and package from 10 pin to 216 pin. Those products lines also have distinguishing features, such as low power consumption, 5V industrial grade, USB, encryption, and high-security level. Supporting different software and high pin compatibility give clients convenience for products selection, development, and upgrade. In addition, Nuvoton provides a complete development system including a versatile software development environment, development tools, evaluation boards, programmer tools, visualized development software, and mass production tools. Nuvoton will present a full service from products, development, debugging, to mass production in this seminar.

During the event, Nuvoton will present four themes of applications incorporating newly launched microcontrollers: Industrial Control, Low Power Applications, IoT Security, and Smart Home Appliances. Industrial Control includes factory remote data collecting, environment monitoring, smart number recognition, and interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solution. Low Power Applications include electronic locks and shelf labels. IoT Security includes USB FIDO key for identity security and fingerprint secure IoT door lock. Smart Home Appliances include temperature detection high-speed blender and interactive power outlet. For IoT applications, Nuvoton reference applications support several RTOS including Mbed™ OS, Amazon FreeRTOS, AliOS Things, and rich IoT communication protocol, which makes building IoT applications development platform with high security and cloud connectivity very easy.

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