Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Nuvoton established the Corporate Social Responsibility Management Committee in 2012 to improve the management of corporate social responsibility. The committee is responsible for corporate social responsibility policies, systems, and related management policies, as well as the formulation, implementation, and promotion of plans.The Committee reports to the Board of Directors periodically on the execution.

The chairman has designated a high-level supervisor to serve as the chair of the committee to convene functional groups that are responsible for promoting and implementing corporate social responsibility policies. Each year, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee will set CSR performance objectives and project implementation measures. A regular meeting is held every six months to examine corporate social responsibility compliance and the implementation results of the various programs.

The committee is also responsible for overseeing the drafting, execution, interpretation, consulting services and notification registry of the Company's ethical corporate management policy and reports to the Board of Directors periodically on the execution.

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