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Part No. NPCE791x
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The Nuvoton NPCE791x is a highly integrated family of embedded controllers (EC) with an embedded RISC core and integrated advanced functions. It is targeted for a wide range of portable applications and provides best-in-class complete EC functionality combined with SPI BIOS flash.

The NPCE791x family is a pin-to-pin compatible, drop-in replacement to the NPCE78nx and WPCE775x families of devices, requiring only minor firmware changes.

All the devices in the NPCE791x family incorporate the CompactRISC ® CR16CPlus core (a high-performance 16-bit RISC processor), on-chip ROM and RAM memories, a rich set of system support functions and a high-performance Flash Interface Unit (FIU) that interfaces directly with external SPI flash memory devices.

System support functions include: watchdog, enhanced PWM, timers, interrupt control, General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) with internal keyboard matrix scanning and I/O expansion support, PS/2 ® interface, SMBus ® interface, UART, PECI 3.0, SPI™, high-accuracy Analog-to-Digital (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog (DAC) Converters for battery charging, system control, system health monitoring and analog controls.

The NPCE791x family interfaces with the host via an LPC interface. Some NPCE791x devices also include an Integrated SuperI/O with host-controlled Serial Port and CIR Port. It has an internal 32 KHz clock oscillator which reduces the system BOM cost and the occupied PCB area.
  • Internal 32 KHz clock oscillator
  • PECI 3.0-compliant interface
  • Shared SPI BIOS flash memory
  • Flash content protection support
  • Media Center (MC) Compliant CIR Port receiver (optional)
  • High-accuracy, high-speed ADC
  • Up to 97 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a variety of wake-up events (up to 56 wake-up inputs)
  • I/O Expansion support
  • Eight PWM modules
  • 16-bit RISC core, with up to 4 Mbytes of external address space, running at up to 25 MHz
  • Extensive debug support features
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with the Nuvoton NPCE78nx and WPCE775x families of devices
Package 128-pin LQFP
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